Tank Sounding Basic

tank_soundingIn this post, I would like to write about how to do tank sounding for ballast water and fuel oil.

Sounding Tools:
– Sounding Tape, in meter or feet. For Manual measurement of sounding, a measuring tape normally made up of brass and steel with a weighted bob attached at the end of the tape is used.
marine_surveyor_ sounding_tape
– Water Finder and Oil Finder Pastes. Sounding pastes are also available for both water and gas oil which highlights the level of fluid in tape.

Sounding Tanks Step of Works:
– Check the sounding tape and partly lowered on to the sounding pipe.
– Layered the suspected sounding depth with Water Finder Paste (if you check the ballast)
– Layered the suspected sounding depth with Oil Finder Paste (if you check the oil)
– Continued to lowered the tape until the sounding tape bob touching the bottom tank (datum plate).
– Roll up the sounding tape.
– Check the height of water / oil level that signed on the tape or  the finder paste  changes the color  to become red.
– Recorded the sounding.
– Check the trim and list of the ship for volume calculation.


Oil Ullage

See the below video for your ref.

Credit Image: http://navyaviation.tpub.com/, http://hullconstruction.blogspot.com, http://www.petrochemsuppliesgs.com

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