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Here the list of software for marine survey that available on Seven Surveyor website



Another draft survey software

DraftMates demo link >>> DraftMates demo download

Price Tag: USD 39.00 >>> ORDER LINK

Plain Bunker Survey Software

 BunkerMates demo link >>> BunkerMates demo download

Price Tag: USD 39.00 >>> ORDER LINK



A perfect companion for Marine Surveyor

SurveyorMates demo link >>> SurveyorMates demo download

Price Tag: USD 77.00 >>> ORDER LINK


For BQSMates demo link >>> BQSmates demo download
Price Tag: USD 69.00 >>> ORDER LINK

Download the software manual >>> READ-THIS-FIRST

Try first and feel confident to use it. More info contact


Nb. We do not recommend you to buy SurveyorMates before testing the DEMO version on your computer. Keep continue download if you find the below warning.

We are not distribute virus or malware to you, Trust and choose “Keep” to continue download.

Great Features

The software is provide the following features:
1. Portable – Bring your software in flash disk and you can run in any intended computers. *Terms and Conditions applied
2. Go Auto – The automatic calculation of the draft survey, bunker survey and oil survey.
3. Safe Time – Safe your calculation time and easy to adjust the miscalculation.
4. Save Data – Export and Import survey data for saving and recalling the survey data in the future.
5. Helping Tool – Additional Tools to help your calculation with Interpolation and Density Commingle.
6. Tiny File – Fast access with small file size.
7. User friendly – Full screen interface, user friendly and easy to use.
8. Logo – add & customize you company logo or text on printing report.
9. Compatible – Work tested with Microsoft Office Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 (NEW) on computer Operating System Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 – 32bit/64bit.
10. Eco – Affordable price.
11. Downloadable – Simply downloading the software via link.
12. Updates / Support – Free software updates once available.
13. New! Save Survey file to PDF – Enable to save all your survey file to PDF file and send to your costumers directly.

For Mac/Apple PC Users

Thank you for Capt. Dimitris Kyrkos for sharing his experiance regarding how to run the SurveyorMates on Mac/Apple PC Users.

I attach the below for your information. I bought an Apple Laptop because I had faced many problems with XXXX-Windows that I had previously. I decided to run the Parallels Desktop due to fact that many applications are still, unfortunately, run for Windows and I want to use those applications

For professional reasons. The installation of Parallels Desktop programme is easy; I haven’t split the hard disc of Mac installing the Windows because I want to have a Mac computer and not to share it with Windows.

I just have created a for Windows. The is that every year that OS are upgraded to the next edition I have to buy the new version of Parallels, it costs about 45-50 Euros.

Generally. I don’t face any problem with Parallels, I use them only for professional reasons.

I hope my information values and is an assistance for you.

View Parallels Desktop For Mac Users
SurveyorMater for Mac PC

Parallels Desktop for Mac

SurveyorMater for Mac PC

Paralles Desktop for Mac PC

SurveyorMater for Mac PC

Running SurveyorMates on Mac/Apple PC

What’s Surveyors Opinion?

Mr. Mawdo Alendy
Independent Measuring Services,
Port Paramaribo, Suriname
Captain John D. Pace
Pace Marine Consultants Ltd.,
Milne Port, Baffin Island, Canadian Arctic
At this moment I only make used of the Bunker Survey and Oil Survey calculation program. It has made my work as cargo surveyor much easier since I start working with this program. I can Handover the Certificate Of Quantity Discharged write away after a bunker delivery by barge to a vessel call for bunkers in the port of Paramaribo-Suriname. Before I had this the software program the report of the bunker operations could be handover within 48 hours and now within one hour. Soon I will also made used of the Draft Survey Calculation program which will save a lot of time. Dear Seven Surveyor, It may please you to learn the undersigned has successfully downloaded the Seven Surveyor Draft Survey Software. This, of course, was only accomplished by your great support and tenacious assistance. Thank-you most kindly for helping to solve the problem that was experienced at this end. The integrity of your after sales customer service is of the highest order. Thank-you, once again, for your support and it is with great anticipation that we look forward to putting your Draft Survey software to active use in surveying bulk carriers loading at Milne Port on Baffin Island in the Canadian High Arctic. All the best in your future endeavours.

Learn More

Watching the below videos :

Marine Surveyor Software



How to use the Tools

Adding Company Logo

Payment Method

Pay with Paypal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay using a credit or debit card.

To purchase the software, please follow these steps:
1. Click on the “Buy Now” button above to go to the PayPal website.
2. If you have a PayPal account, enter your email address and password to log in. If you do not have a PayPal account, visit, then enter the information to create one.
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What will happen after I purchase my order?
After purchasing your order, you will redirect to Download Page to download your software file. And receive an email confirmation and more information regarding the purchased products/services.

No Risk Guarantee

If you can not use the software or you are not satisfy with it. Simply contact us within 14 days and we will refund you promptly and courteously. There is absolutely no risk to you.


Question: Every now and then I am losing the program from my computer. Anti-Virus saying illegal software and removed automatically. Can you send me a version of your software to avoid all hassle?

Answer: This is a false positive and unique solution is notifying your antivirus companies, because the problem is with antivirus, not with SurveyorMates.

‘False positive’ alert is something very boring for thousands of truthful programmer that have the misfortune of their exe file has the same string of some of the more than 45,000,000 already existent virus. Antivirus programs, moreover do not detect all viruses, detect virus where they does not exist. See links below, for example, how ‘False positive virus alert’ can be something very stupid. See also this comparative and independent site to know which antivirus are good and which are bad.

Any Questions?

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