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1. Draught Survey Code of Uniform Standards and Procedures by UN ECE: Under the auspices of the ECE Working Party on Coal, this Code of Uniform Standards and Procedures for the Performance of Draught Surveys of Coal Cargoes has been elaborate by experts from major coal exporting and importing countries and was completed in October 1991. The code was adopted by the ECE Working Party on Coal at its session in October 1991 and endorse by ECE Committee on Energy at its session in November 1991.
Download Draught Survey Code of Uniform Standards and Procedures(size 7 mb)

2. Procedure of Draft Survey By Prof. Dr. Yutaka Watabe – Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology: General Procedure, Principals of Archimedes, ship’s design, displacement, draft mark, standard displacement by mean draft, trim correction, and estimation of displacement.
Preview  Procedure of Draft Survey

3. Bunker Survey Guide By CJA Marine Services: GUIDELINES FOR BUNKER SURVEYORS; which included: preliminary steps, procedures prior to bunkering, procedures during bunkering, after bunkering and handling dispute.
Download at Bunker Survey Guide (size 27 KB)

4. Measurement of Petroleum On Board of Marine Vessels By John A. “Jack Szallai – Orion Associates L.L.C: Marine measurements can also be used for custody transfer if no other valid means are available or the shore side custody transfer system is not available or functioning properly. Measurement of petroleum on board marine vessels, ocean or inland, are generally based on the American Petroleum Institutes “Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards”, Chapter 17, with cross references to other pertinent chapters. The material includes: petroleum measurements, free water, ROB/OBQ, sampling, temperature, Vessel Experience Factor and summary.
Download available at Measurement of Petroleum On Board of Marine Vessels (size 97 kb)

5. General cargo on cellular container ships by The Standard Club: This edition of Standard Cargo sets out the steps that the club as a third-party liability insurer believes the ship owner should consider before carrying general cargo on a container ship.
Download General cargo on cellular container ships (size 834 kb)

6. Liquefaction (Iron Ore Fines and Nickel Ore by The Standard Club: Shipper’s responsibilities, appointment of an independent surveyor, transportable moisture limit and flow moisture point, Flow table and the can test, trimming, case studies and responsibilities.
Download Liquefaction (Iron Ore Fines and Nickel Ore (size 519 kb)

7. A Guide to the Carriage of Steel Cargo by The Standard Club: When carrying steel products by sea, it is essential to ensure that neither the steel nor the ship suffers damage, that the ship is fit to receive cargo and that the cargo is safely stowed and secured. Steel is a high-value cargo, a cargo easily damaged by rough handling, water and moisture. Its weight presents substantial challenges with stowage and securing. This guide aims to provide an insight into the correct method of loading, stowing and securing steel cargoes. Its advice, if followed, will assist in the avoidance and prevention of steel cargo damage claims.
Download A Guide to the Carriage of Steel Cargo (size 1.5 mb)

8. Master’s Guide to Container Securing by The Standard Club: The purpose of this guide is to discuss container securing systems, the causes of lashing failure and to offer advice as to how losses can be minimized.
Download Master’s Guide to Container Securing ( size 2 mb)

9. Master’s Guide to Hatchcover Maintenance by The Standard Club: It is the aim of this guide to explain the key issues of hatch cover security and to steer mariners towards active maintenance. It is less expensive to keep hatch covers weathertight by regular maintenance and attention to detail, than to pay claims for wet-damaged cargo. It is crucial for safety at sea and protection of the environment to maintain hatch cover weathertightness and strength. This guide concerns steel hatch covers fitted with cleats, compression bars and gaskets.
Download Master’s Guide to Hatchcover Maintenance (size 6 mb)

10. A Basic Packing Guide by M.E. DEY: CERTIFICATION OF INTERMODAL CONTAINERS; A number of independent firms provide testing and inspection services for inter-modal container operators. Certification of adequacy of construction occurs prior to delivery of the new container to the carrier, and periodically thereafter.
Download A Basic Packing Guide (size 32 KB)

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  1. pls can you explain to me vividly how one can perform ullage

  2. saya baru 1,taon dalam dunia marine surveyor batu bara tapi saya binggung dengan calculate vessel from china.bisa bantu saya bagaimana saya bisa mendapatkan rumus formula vessel from china.thank u

  3. Salam kenal semua..

    saya pendatang baru didunia surveyor..adakah yang bisa bantu cara perhitungan COMPARTEMENT LOGSHEET untuk bongkar muat minyak ( premium, solar, kerosine )..dan gimana cara bikin rumusnya di excel..mohon bantuanya kirim ke email :

    saya ada contoh formnya tapi gimana cara menguploadnya disini..

    Thanks before

  4. Hi Abdel,

    I will create new page for marine cargo surveyor directory oon this webblog. This directory will be listed the marine surveyor company and personal marine surveyor. This list puporses to make easy the principal to find the marine cargo surveyors around the world.

    If you are interesting, please send me an email with your company credentials and person of contact.


  5. First of all I would like to say Hello to everyone on board, I would like to Introduce COMARSURVEYS Marine Services to the group, we are Marine Surveyors and Consultants in MOROCCO, and covering Draft Survey, Bunker Survey, On/Off Hire Survey, Condition Survey, Lashing Survey,Superintendency , Container Inspection and sampling … Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you socially or Morally. Very Best Regards. ABDELFATTAH SAKTIWY.
    tél +212661145488

  6. Dear Paulo,

    The keel correction is uses for corrected/deducted to the actual draft reading. The other calculation is the same.


  7. helo , i need to help about kell correction, who i can calculeted displecemet, tpc , lcf , and mtc with kell correction

  8. Dear Rufo,

    I will post it soon, this calculation is corresponding with gas tanker.


  9. Thanks for your wide range of coverage in this industry , its awesome to read from you.
    I want to ask if it is conventional to load and calculate cargo oil into vessel ballast tanks?

    you may email me at

    Rex Orji.

  10. sir can you send me a guide of how to calculate loading and unloading ammonia? i love to learn more about your survey procedure sir.

    thanks sir.

  11. Your site has become a window to highly ambitious surveyor. It will continue to hone the skills of upcoming inspectors.

    Could your give me the best method for resolving values outside calibrated range (extrapolation) and values between two known values (interpolation). Do they have a meeting point? Can you give more than one method of solving each problem?

  12. Dear Anthony,

    Thanks, you could follow the rss feed of this site to get up date.


  13. Sir i am very grateful to you for having the idea of having a website to tutor young cadets like me. I find your lessons very imformative and useful. big kudos to you. If there is more lesson that I could use to be a good surveyor, I would appreciate it more if you kindly send them to me. Thank you once again sir, have a great year ahead

  14. Dear Ramachandra,

    The Draft Survey Procedure is the same for all cargoes. Please refers to Draught Survey UN ECE : Code of Uniform Standards and Procedures at


  15. Dear Johnny,

    That book is for preview only, if you need it you could buy at online book store.


  16. Sir,
    Please i want the procedures for Draught survey of coal ,coke,Iron ore ,steel ,general cargo vessels .
    And also suggest me online sites which offer tutorials on these procedure and These Details

  17. i don’t know how to download the book construction By David J. Eyres. please help me. thank you so much. my mail is

  18. Dear Ragu,

    Thanks.. I suggested you to looking for the book about ship to get familiar with the parts of forecastle and poop deck. The book that found in the internet are Ship construction By David J. Eyres, Seamanship: fundamentals for the deck officer By Stephen E. Kyriss, David O. Dodge. Check this links to preview:


  19. Dear faisal,
    Thanks for your responses ,
    I have general idea about foc’sle deck & poop deck
    Could u define me parts(technical name) & its kinds of damages which involved in mooring winch & windlass.
    Kindly advise in this regard.

    Thanks & regards

  20. Hi Ragu,

    The Reporting is very important and its difficult work to handle for surveyor. Many surveyors are expert in survey, but weak in reporting. The new surveyor incomplete reporting should be guidance by manager.
    I will give you some advices and you could expand it later :
    – Make the manager as your free consultant, asking him regards the report you make frequently.
    – Learning from the old report is a must. Read as many as possible the old survey report that your company has.
    – Try to help your senior when making their report. Even you must be a typist or for fotocopy and bundles the report only. The more reports you type, the more you familiar with the reporting. What you learning in reporting is you will more understand about the job you have done and also know the step of work for the job that you have not done yet.
    – If your language skill is not to good, you can taking the course to fix it. Your reporting will be focus and easy to understand with it.
    – Computer skill, make your report neat, tidy and easy to read.

    If you follow the above, in the next 6 months you could give the your best report to manager without complain.

  21. Hi Sansarchandra,

    Thanks for comments.


  22. Dear Faisal,
    many thanks to u for giving good advise to upcoming surveyor like me.
    now I’m working under 40 years experiences manager , but the problem is I’m not up to his expectation (especially in report- making). kindly advice me accordingly

    thanks & regards

  23. It is a very useful site for people involved in cargo operations. Nice to see that so many queries are replied too. Great job being done.

  24. Halo Arnold,

    Ok, silahkan dilink.


  25. Halo pak, saya lagi beres2 blog ku iseng2 ke blog pak bagus juga blog nya saya link di blog ku bole ya?? Ada file download yg bermanfaat. thks

  26. Thanks for the info it was really valuable. I wonder if you may send by e mail any bibliografy related to draft survey or cargo survey. I really need it and could not afford the expensive books in the market. This is my email
    if the book´s size is too large send me the links.
    Thanks a lot
    Armando Sergio

  27. Dear Bala,

    I have checked the link, the link is not break. You could download from there. In the next, I will put the download box, so you could download easily. Thanks for reminding.


  28. I cant able to download the procedure file can u pls send it to my mail

  29. Hello 2 all, I’ve just found this sit as I’ve been browsing most of the day looking 4
    Ship Stability, 4 the lads in the classroom whom r learning Ship Stability from the book & I think it would be nice if we could put it on a CD Program, but @ this school the budget will not allow the very expensive program, & we r hoping if someone will have an old obsolete or a spear 1 that we can have, Thank u all.
    PS good sit this is well done, JJ

  30. Thanks to you too..

  31. The best site I have ever come across regarding this line of work ,has been extremely helpfull thank you.

    Regards Ashveer from Sunny South Africa

  32. Information was very helpful for me, never mind that it’s not my job, but just to be informed. Thank you.

    Regards from Bulgaria

    Yavor Asparuhov

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