What is Bunker Quantity Survey?

Bunker Quantity Survey

What is Bunker Quantity Survey?

A bunker quantity survey is taking measurements on board the delivery barge or at the shore tank and on the receiving vessel before and after transferring of oil takes place by involves an approved marine surveyors.

How To Do Bunker Quantity Survey?

– Surveyor measurements the bunker tanks to determine the quantity of oil delivered.
– Ensuring the quantity delivered from the barge or shore tank and received by the vessel tanks is the same.
– Collected sampling with procedures on board the vessel or barges; commonly drip sample from manifold.
– Recorded times and events prior, during, and after bunker transfer.
– Reported any discrepancies and investigated at the time of inspection; in order to the claim is able prepare immediately.
– The investigation after delivery regards quantity shortage or sampling dispute is usually useless and questionable.

Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS) Software

We have created the BQS Software to manage this survey.
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