I have dropped below the link for download of software for marine and cargo surveyor references.

1. Convert For Windows by Josh Madison (freeware)
Convert is a free and easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions.
Download available at LINK

2. ASTM Table 54A by Boriss Grahlovskis (freeware)
All calculation in program based on ASTM Table 54A – Generalized Crude Oils of Volume to 15 C againts Density at 15 C.
Download available at LINK

3. ASTM Table 54B by Boriss Grahlovskis (freeware)
All calculation in program based on ASTM Table 54B – Generalized Products Correction of Volume to 15 C againts Density at 15 C.
Download available at LINK

4. ASTM Tables Program by Goldware (freeware)
API Specific Gravity and Density Converter, Weight Correction Factor (WCF), Gross Standar Volume (GSV) Conversion Factors and Russian Calculation by Captain Ioannis Filippou.
Download available at LINK

5. Petroleum Calculations Program by Donald R. Huckabee (freeware/shareware)
A petroleum calculation Program. It is shareware and may be distributed freely. Table associated in program are ASTM 5A & B, 53A & B, 6A & B, 54A & B. Also Temperature conversion, Gravity Conversion, Gauging, Addictive and Calculator.
Download available at LINK

6. Draft Survey by Seven Surveyor
A Draft Survey calculation Program. For easy draft survey calculation and save your survey time.
More info available at

7. Oil Calculation by Seven Surveyor
A Petroleum calculation program. For shipboard survey with calculation and ullage report based on Astm Table 6A, 6B, 54A and 54B.
You could check here:

8. Bunker Calculation by Seven Surveyor
A Bunker Tank Sounding calculation program. Bunker survey calculation for tank sounding report based on Astm Table 54B.
Check more info at

9. Draft Survey Presentation by Seven Surveyor
The presentation of Draft Survey is created for beginner surveyor and non-surveyor to know the basic of draft survey. The out put is achievement on perform draft survey and to understand how draft survey works.
Free download available at Draft Survey Presentation.

Just leaving your comment if any broken links.



  1. could you please provide a manual for the draft survey software

  2. dear surveyor, i need a help manual for your draft survey that i bought recently
    Firstly it freezes
    Could you furnish a help manual

    Kind regards

  3. Dear Abdulmutaal.. you could download directly form the page.

  4. Dear Nikhil,

    We dont have the software you are requested.

    You could you share experience surveying the Bitumen cargo here for our reference.

  5. Hai surveyors,
    Can you help me find a copy of a Bitumen calculation program. please send it to


  6. Dear Vinod,

    I will try to post it later, but not promise in the nearest time.


  7. Dear Richard,

    Sorry that I haven’t it. Anyone can help?


  8. Hai surveyors
    i like this one very much .. and i want the manual/softwere calculation for gas tankers. Can i get it.. if it possible just send to this id plz

  9. Mr surveyor,

    Can you help me find a copy of a oil calculation program for casio fx880. please send it to thanks

  10. Dear Gauger,

    For small quantity oil on tanks, it is recommended to use sounding.

    As known, the ATG is use for controlling/monitoring the tanks quantity during loading/discharge only,
    it is not recommended for survey calculation.

    To know if any obstructions on sounding pipes or tanks, you could test it:
    – See and record the tanks reference height that provides on tanks table.
    – drop the sounding bob until touching the datum plate or bottom tanks.
    – when the bob touching, tighten you sounding tape.
    – record the tape meter show (exactly at the top mouth of sounding pipe).
    – compare the reference height with the tape meter shown.
    – the good tank will result the same height between reference height and tape meter show.
    – if not, please ask the ship reps.


  11. Hi Surveyor,
    I have a little problem. how can you perform an Ullage method if the product was too small?
    Like 00-02-1/4 was the Side Gauge (ATG or VAREC)
    RH was 64-08-1/2
    And it was Fuel oil and there is a Obstruction at the bottom of the tank?

  12. Please email me the software


  13. Dear Ruben,

    I have tried to reply your email to

    But the message shown the following:

    “This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
    Delivery to the following recipients failed.

    Please advise me your best email. I will resend it soon.


  14. My dear Surveyor, have you received my messages and donation in order to obtain the bunkers survey calculation?
    thanks and brgds,

  15. hi Sugathan,

    You could use the following :
    MT = M3 x VCF (Table 6) x WCF (Table 13).


  16. please expilan sri.
    gross volume m3 = 500 , teperature = 40 & API = 14.60
    how to caculation metri ton. please expilain to manual .

    i want 54B VCF how to find manual. expilain formule.

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    tél +212661145488

  18. Mr. Surveyor, Please give me Software ASTM table 58.
    Thank you for your help.

  19. HI sureveyor’s,

    I’m looking for the direct relation from (observed density+Temperature) and density at 15, if any one can help help me , il be greateful. thank’s

  20. hi surveyor,
    thank u very very well for help me understand draft survey and hope to get more artical on the the subject to improve better. the software is also a great help to surveyors here in liberia.

    many thanks and best regard.


  21. Hi Kaluk,

    Thanks for your support.


  22. Hi, many times i tried to find some site like this and nice i found it. Best regards from the Latvian Surveyors. :)

  23. Mr. Surveyor, Please give me Software of Coal in barge-Draft Survey.
    Thank you for your help.

  24. Hi Doi,

    Thanks for appreciation, you could share your experience with surveyor on board here.


  25. many thanks for the links/downloads..Im a second officer trying to study to become a chief officer onboard an ocean going tanker.
    this really helps a lot..

  26. Hi all,

    Im a marine surveyor in rotterdam, working for sgs.
    Im looking for the calculation program for the casio FX 880P
    Its hard to find that program.
    And do you know if there is a calculation program for the smartphone?
    Tnx so far,

  27. Hi Myo,

    Hope the above software will help you to do bunker survey.



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