Draft Survey Onboard of the Vessel

marine cargo ship surveyors
Simplify, there are several steps to conduct Draft Survey on board. A marine cargo surveyor must follow the procedure that obligate to keep away from inconsiderable fault. The procedures are as below mentioned:

A. Preparing Survey Forms, Documents and Equipments.

Survey forms, documents and equipments are very important thing that have to prepare by surveyor primarily before conduct Draft Survey, because it will assist and support surveyor duties.
marine cargo ship surveyors– Survey Forms :
1. Draft Survey Report
2. Ship’s Draft Survey and Certificate of Weight
3. Tank Sounding for ballast, fresh water and fuel oil
4. ASTM Table 54B for oil

– Supporting Documents :
1. Bill of lading or Manifest (for Discharging)
2. Draft Survey Loading Port
3. Hydrostatic Table / Displacement Table
4. Cargo specification and data

– Equipments :
1. Computer or Calculator, Pen and Notebook
2. Density Meter or Hygrometer
3. Sounding Tape, and Water & Oil Paste
4. Flash Light.

The Equipment must be in good condition to prevent if there any fault in reading and calculation results.

marine cargo ship surveyors

B. Step By Step Draft Survey

The surveyor has to prepare the best step when he is arriving onboard, it will ensure to conduct Draft Survey correctly, to reach an accurate result. The step that may take by surveyor divided as below:
1. Learning all data has collected that includes data’s of cargo and vessel quantity table.
2. Confirming and permitting in the manner of job that will conduct to Master/Chief Officer.
3. Reading the draft marks clearly and correctly. It is recommended to use small boat to reading draft
4. Making sounding or gauging for ballast, fresh water, fuel oil diesel oil, lubricating oil and all liquids that are exist onboard. includes the density of liquid on tanks
5. Knowing about Light of Ship and Constant onboard.
6. Checking the density of sea or river water where the vessel docks.
7. Making computation for reading draft, correcting with fore/mid/aft distance correction (if any), and then correcting with density of dock water and minus with all liquids onboard (deductible) accurately.
8. After getting Net Displacement minus with Light Ship and Constant to gain Total Amount of Cargo Onboard.
9. For any disputes, surveyor has to check the computation that he made previously.
10. Collecting documents relate to survey.

For more complete references, you could download the Draft Survey Code from UNECE in PDF file HERE

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