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I have tried to complete the sevensurveyor project and developed one simple software for draft survey calculation named 7S DraftSurvey.

This software is made for automatic draft survey calculation such as; quartermean draft, trim, fore and aft draft corrections, Displacement, TPC, LCF, MTC, 1st & 2nd trim corrections, density correction and deductibles. The software could be used to determine the total cargo loading/unloading on the ship board.

It is very simple and helpful to cut-down the time for draft survey calculation. What you have to do is just inserting some data in the initial draft survey and get easy calculating for any intermediate and final draft survey with insert the reading draft, density and sum of deductibles only. This software designed to handle the ship with reading draft marks up to 27.00 Meters.

You also could save the draft survey report and the ship data along with the program. In case, the ship that you have ever made survey previously then back again to load or unload at another times, you only need to copy and paste data for the saved data and calculate the draft survey.

Now, you have chance to use this software by follow this link http://www.sevensurveyor.com/software/surveysoft-marine-surveyor-software/

I think you will be like this software, let me know by drop your comment.



Author: Faisal Yusuf

Hi, my name is Faisal Yusuf, but you can call me Surveyor. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia and work as a surveyor.

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